Life Orientation/Lewensorienteering

Recent studies indicate that numerous Life Orientation teachers feel ill-equipped to interpret and teach the subject matter to the best of their ability. This leads to frustration and excessive hours spent preparing lessons. The Exploration Series aims to alleviate these issues by reducing time spent on administrative duties and lesson preparation, resulting in more productive, active teaching. We are confident that our approach will make teaching more fun, engaging, and impactful, and can easily be projected to a screen.

Our textbooks and workbooks are 100% CAPS compliant for grades 4 through 12. The interactive online teachers’ guide is included, as well as video segments that add depth and lead to meaningful discussions. We incorporate real-life case studies and examples that make learning easy and enjoyable. Our workbooks also provide in-book activities and tasks, negating the need for additional purchased books.

In a world where technology reigns supreme, teaching digitally has become critical. The Exploration Series caters to all levels of technological proficiency with its user-friendly interface, and we offer full training to ensure proper implementation. In addition to our competitive pricing, we provide various assessment tools that streamline the classroom experience. We also offer online support throughout the year, and teachers can download additional worksheets, activities, assessments, and videos to further enrich their lessons.

The Explorations Series Life Orientation (LO) teacher resources include a comprehensive guide and a suite of exclusive videos to help teachers enhance their teaching. We offer a yearly teaching plan to assist with completing the curriculum if necessary. The Exploration Series is fully CAPS compliant, and we provide personalized interaction and advice throughout the year. Additional assessments are available on request, and we can work with teachers to create a yearly teaching plan to simplify the lesson structuring process. Our electronic self-marking assessment tools automatically email results to teachers.