Revolutionize Your Classroom: DC Creations Exploration Series

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DC Creations offers comprehensive student textbooks/workbooks, complete with teacher resources to enhance classroom teaching. Our tailored resources include embedded art, videos and animations to convey key concepts. Every lesson includes interactive content and additional videos exclusive to teachers. Our secure Teachers Resources site includes assessments, virtual museums and more. We offer extensive support to busy educators, including classroom management advice and customizable material. Our material is available in both eBook and print formats with integrated assessment tools. Choose DC Creations for an interactive learning experience.

Teachers receive a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide and extensive Teacher Resources, including every lesson with videos and animations.
Access to the 
online teacher resources website is available at no cost when using the Exploration Series learner books for their entire Grade (limited quantities apply).
Throughout the year, personalized interaction and advice is given to teachers.
A secure Teachers Resources website provides access to videos and worksheets, downloadable activities, assessments, and virtual museum tours.
The learner books include electronic self-marking assessments, which are automatically marked and results are emailed to the teacher.
For teacher and student exclusive use, a school-specific Learning Management System (LMS) is available.
We understand the challenges that teachers face and are committed to providing support throughout the year.
Using the Exploration Series Learner Books offers free services, including access to every lesson with videos and animations, lesson plans and annual schedules, advice and assistance with content for teacher files, exam setting, online live chat, classroom management advice, additional videos and animations upon request to keep lessons current or to extend them.
Schools can customize the material to suit the school’s requirements.
QR code electronic assessments are automatically emailed to the teacher with fully marked results.




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Active Learning and Dynamic Visuals

Active Learning Approach 

A new active learning approach in the DC Creations Exploration Series offers students a structured learning path and provides a reliable, consistent framework for mastering the CAPS and IEB curriculums and key concepts.

Digital Integration through QR Codes

DC Creations Exploration Series textbooks and workbooks carry QR codes, which create digital integration into both our printed books and eBooks. These codes provide links to video clips, electronic assessments, tutorials and customised or related reading to help learners understand the subjects content better.


Dynamic visual content integrates text and technology 

Carefully selected art and photos aid understanding, add realism and heighten student’s interest. Illustrations bring content to life! Found throughout the books the illustrations are sophisticated and annotated. 

Teacher Guides and Resources

DC Creations teachers guide is accompanied by a rich array of media and supplements that incorporate the visuals from the textbook extensively to form an integrated teaching package. 

Our complete set of highly visual content enhances the classroom experience for the learners. Tailored to the text’s topical coverage and learning objectives, this content is designed to convey key text concepts, illustrated by embedded art, videos and animations.

All photographs, figures, experiments, and other visuals from the text are included in the resources and allows teachers and easy way to incorporate them into your lessons.